6 Best Tips How To Plan A Dinosaur Baby Shower

Dinosaur Baby Shower

Back in February, my sister by marriage Kathy and I were respected to have a hearts and doilies wedding party for our nephew Eric’s life partner, Ashley. Eric and Ashley are presently hitched and anticipating! So Kathy and I collaborated once more and facilitated a dinosaur baby shower this previous end of the week. We had a thundering great time!

The most effective method to design a dinosaur baby shower by The Party TeacherAshley and Eric are anticipating a young man, Peyton, and have finished his nursery in a dinosaur baby shower theme, thus our party subject. Doing an innocent party was so fun! I do custom party plans for young men constantly, yet I don’t normally get to rejuvenate them. Today, I thoroughly considered I’d walk you the party arranging cycle and how to design a dinosaur baby shower.


My most memorable party arranging stop was Chickabug. Heather plans the most sweetheart printables and has such an extraordinary vibe for little ones, that I realized it’d be an extraordinary decision to plan a dinosaur subject. Here is our greeting. (We involved Heather’s assortment for a baby shower, yet they would make extraordinary birthday celebration printables!) Heather and I probably had a psyche merge thing going on the grounds that I definitely realized I needed to involve plants in the party, and blast — there they were in her welcome.

WalMart was my next stop. I realize it’s not generally so fun as an art store, but rather Walmart is nearer to my home, so I frequently go there first to see what I can get taken out. They came through big time with an extraordinary choice of textures that just asked to transformed into hit.

The yellow, green, yellow, blue, brown and orange in my hitting might seem like a ton of varieties in a single range, however I think they worked. One motivation behind what reason is on the grounds that for everything other than the printables and the hitting, I zeroed in on only three tones: green, yellow, and wood tones. Alright, perhaps wood tones are two tones.

See the green burlap-looking sprinters? They are really paper network from my nearby flower distributer. (You can track down similar items at Mardi Gras Outlet.) The paper network was a “meandering around and searching for motivation” find. This is a somewhat risky procedure. In the event that you purchase something that you don’t have the foggiest idea how you will utilize, it probably won’t get utilized, and afterward you are out the cash. For this situation, I in a real sense didn’t have the foggiest idea how I planned to utilize the paper network until two hours before the party.

Next up was a pleasant method for going through a night: cruising Etsy. I like to find something engaging yet not requesting to watch on TV (could you at any point express Dancing With The Stars?) and afterward put in a super-expansive hunt term — for this situation, “dinosaur party”. That will get you a lot of results, however the advantage is that you find things you could never have imagined of — like wood dinosaur baby shower toys that I could use as party style. After I feel like I’ve seen a decent collection of thoughts, I limited my pursuit terms: dinosaur treats, dinosaur toys, dinosaur fondant — you understand.

At last, I went to a book about dinosaur baby showers that my girls previously claimed. The book assisted with a last scope of thoughts — a “what else charming am I disregarding” sort of step.

By then, I traveled Pinterest. I truly prefer to save this progression until the end since I need to concoct my own thoughts. Here and there Pinterest is somewhat discouraging in light of the fact that you understand that your splendid thought has previously been finished. However, in the event that you’re simply facilitating a confidential gathering, walk forward. Dinos and this variety range? It’s been finished. Dinos and greeneries? It’s been finished. Yet, regardless of anything else you’ve seen, you can put your own twist on it.

Following stage: NOW WHAT?

So right now, I had plants that used to be essential for my family room stylistic layout (use what you have!), a green paper network, texture hitting, and extraordinary printables. How to assemble everything? Northwest Toy Crafters helped drive that choice. Their uncovered wood toys were so enchanting, that I purchased four and utilized them on the treat table. That drove me to other uncovered wood that I previously had: clothespins for the smorgasbord marks and a couple of wood encloses I tracked down the Target dollar passageway over the late spring. Then I found 3D dinosaur puzzles on Amazon and got truly aggressive.

Yet, assuming you follow me on Instagram, you realize that the genuine party configuration didn’t begin until Saturday late evening. That is the point at which I at last settled on the most proficient method to dress the sweet table background — utilizing exactly what I had close by. (Here is the setting instructional exercise.) And that is the point at which I got the greenery entryway wreath made.


  • For dessert, I served:
  • Chocolate cake (Ashley’s hankering)
  • Salted caramel macarons from Pamela’s Cakes
  • Chocolate covered Oreos from Sweet Tooth Sweetie
  • Chocolate rocks from Oh Nuts
  • White chocolate pretzels that I made

My girls’ dino book assisted me with thinking of smorgasbord names:

  • Fossilized Caramel Macarons
  • Oreo Footprints
  • Chocolate Meteorites
  • Sweet and Salty Bones

The dino bones are really simple to make and you can track down recipes on Pinterest. Yet, all you do is stick smaller than normal marshmallows on one or the flip side of a pretzel stick, dissolve white chocolate chips (diminished with 1 teaspoon of canola oil), and afterward utilize a fork to plunge the “bones” in the chocolate. Allow them to dry on material paper.

My Etsy search is additionally the way that I found the three cake-clincher dinos — I love them! Could hardly imagine how they matched the Chickabug printables so impeccably. Sweet Touch Decor worked really hard with these. The cake is another Target bread shop extraordinary request — just $15!


For the non-dessert food, I served three kinds of sandwiches and an assortment of different treats:

  • Tarragon chicken serving of mixed greens on croissants
  • Tomato basil sandwich
  • Honey pecan cucumber sandwich
  • Strawberry spinach servings of mixed greens in smaller than normal triviality bowls
  • Spiced eggs
  • Dried pear and apple chips
  • Veggie sticks
  • Lime sherbert punch

Here are my smorgasbord mark names for these — I generally have the hardest opportunity approaching up with charming names, however, the dinosaur baby shower book assisted with motivation:

Brachiosaurus Blueberry Salad (yet there’s a blueberry lack, so we went with strawberries)

  • Pterodactyl Chicken Salad
  • Deviled Dino Eggs
  • Herbivores Cucumber Bites
  • Titanosaurs Tomato Treats

I additionally implied for there to be Molten Lava Brie, however, time didn’t allow it. What’s more, that is on the grounds that … it was early afternoon before I was done setting all the party spaces I actually hadn’t begun the food! Wow! To this end I generally attempt to set up my spaces the day preceding a party. It was a rush to the wrap-up with Kathy and the young ladies and I making sandwiches and plating them on additional greeneries. Golly! I was happy to plunk down when the party began.

Visitor BOOK

I purchased a dinosaur baby shower book for Peyton and we involved it as a visitor book for the party. The light was not my companion in that frame of mind of the house so I didn’t get extraordinary photographs. However, you can see that I utilized our CD bureau and just popped in four white drapes on pressure poles to quiet down that background and permit me to balance a pennant from Chickabug that read “Peyton.”


Kathy had the thought of our party game. Every visitor cut a length of lace — the sum they figured it would take to get around Ashley’s stomach. Whomever came nearest got the award — which was a tiny bit of something else for Ashley. I hadn’t known about a game where the victor coughed up their award, however felt that was smart. Furthermore, since we likewise hosted gathering favors, nobody returned home with basically nothing.

Cute gifts

I guaranteed you more on the issue of Pinterest: at times you track down an extraordinary thought, however you can’t follow back the originator of the thought. Like the painted toy creatures I utilized on my wreath and favor boxes. I want to let you know who originally thought of this, yet I can’t track down the source. Perhaps House to Home? Assuming you know, kindly tell me and I’ll refresh the post with the appropriate credit.

At any rate, these were excessively charming not to duplicate. I got my creatures at Walmart for about $5, and Krylon splashes paint with worked in introduction for about $6. It certainly takes persistence to go through every one of the light layers of paint you really want. I connected the Chickabug favor labels with twofold stick tape and the dinosaurs with E6000 stick. The real blessings were $1 scented candles in a container from WalMart. I just picked them in light of party tones.

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