Best Christmas Gifts for College Girls

Christmas Gifts for College Girls

With Christmas right around the corner you’re presumably looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for college girls in your life. And you’re looking for a commodity special that will actually be used by your college student, not a commodity that will sit gathering dust in the corner. 

Coming from a recent college grad, I know that all the effects on this list are super popular with college girls and guaranteed to be a gift that they love! I ’ve included a blend of advanced end and affordable gift ideas, so there’s a commodity for every budget on this list. Also, nearly every gift on this list should be available with free two day shipping from Amazon Prime.

  1. Air Pods

Air Pods are super popular right now and a commodity that’s on nearly every college student’s Christmas list. They’re perfect for busy college scholars harkening to music and podcasts on the go. 

  1. Lululemon Leggings

Nearly every college girl I know wants a brace of Lululemon leggings. While they ’re precious for a brace of leggings, they’re super comfortable and last a long time. You can wear them while running, doing yoga, etc. OR just throw them on with a brace of lurkers and a sweatshirt to wear to class. 

  1. Sewell Water Bottle 

You see these pristine sword water bottles each over college premises! Sewell bottles are super popular and make great Christmas gifts for college girls. 

  1. Mini Keurig

For the coffee loving college student in your life, a Mini Keurig makes a great gift. These are super small so they fit fluently in a dorm room or college apartment. And not to mention they’re much further cost effective compared to buying Starbucks on the lot every day! 

  1. Apple Watch 

Still, an Apple Watch is a great choice, If you want a gift that your college girl will use every day.( And I love this rose gold style!) These smart watches make you healthier by allowing you to track your way, sleep schedule, and vital signs. You can also admit textbooks and phone calls on them. 

  1. Fuzzy Mask 

Such a great gift idea. My mama got me a fuzzy mask for Christmas many times and I literally wore it all the time at college! Especially during the downtime, a warm fuzzy mask is the perfect thing to wear around your dorm or apartment. 

  1. Coat Pullover

Sherpa coat pullovers are another great downtime rainfall gift and they’re a wardrobe chief for college girls during the colder months! These pullovers are so soft and comfy, making them the perfect thing to throw on before an early morning class or to wear while just lounging around. 

  1. Ugg Slippers

In case you can’t tell, I ’m on a roll then with cozy downtime gift ideas. Ugg slippers are perfect for college girls to wear around their dorm or apartment on those plaintively cold downtime mornings. They ’re so cute and comfortable! 

  1. Shower Speakers 

Leak Proof Bluetooth speakers are a great affordable gift that college girls will love. You can bring it into the shower with you and listen to your favorite melodies! Someone was always doing this in my dorm’s community showers or at my sorority house. This is a super fun gift idea. 

  1. Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are incredibly popular on college premises and super comfortable too. It seems like nearly every college girl has a brace( although she won’t be suitable to wear them until it gets warmer outside.) 

11. Pipe

Still, a Pipe device makes a great gift, If your college student is absentminded and always losing her keys. It’s a smart keychain that will tell you where your keys or bag are via an app you download on your phone!

  1. Day Diary

My diary was my most important possession in college, and I brought it everywhere with me and used it every day! A cute diary( like this Bloom day diary) is a great Christmas gift that will help your college girl get organized and prepare for the forthcoming time! 

  1. Original Choker 

Original chokers are super popular right now. They’re affordable yet still cute and make the perfect grazing hog for college girls! 

  1. Candle Warmer 

A candle warmer is a great Christmas gifts for college girls who live in a dorm. Most dorms do n’t allow you to burn candles in your room, so a candle warmer is a safer volition. Make sure to buy many scented candles to go with it too! 

  1. Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are always appreciated by college scholars. I especially love this mug with the quotation “ She believed she could, so she did ” on it. The perfect inspiring communication for college girls! 

  1. Yeti Rambler 

The mode for Yeti products took off many times again on college premises. It seems like everyone has a Yeti on game days and other events. This turquoise Yeti Rambler makes a great college gift.

  1. Adidas Stars 

Super comfortable and super swish! White Adidas Stars are so popular with college girls right now and they can be dressed up or down for any occasion. I wear mine nearly every day. 

  1. Phone Cases 

Phone cases make a great grazing hog for college girls. I really love this rose gold marble phone case and in fact I’ve a analogous bone for myself! 

  1. Pomp Pomp Beanie 

A warm and cozy pomp pomp beanie is one of the stylish Christmas gifts for college girls that they’re sure to appreciate and wear all downtime long! 

  1. Birch Box Subscription 

Birch Box is a subscription service that delivers a box of beauty and skincare products right to your doorstep each month. This is a great gift for college girls! Gift a Birch Box subscription then.( One month, three month, six month, and twelve month subscriptions are available.) 

  1. Fuzzy Socks 

I always get a brace of fuzzy socks every time for Christmas in my sock, and they’re perfect for staying cozy during the downtime! Especially for wearing around my apartment on chilly days. 

  1. Fujifilm Instax 

For a super fun gift that’s sure to be appreciated, give the college girl in your life an Instax Mini! These antique cameras are back in style and perfect for landing delightful recollections with musketeers at college.

  1. Pack

A new pack is the perfect college gift to get any college student agitated for the forthcoming semester. I really love this pack from The North Face because it’s super swish and ample enough to fit a laptop, handbooks, diary, and other college class musts.

  1. Amazon Echo 

An Amazon Echo is a small speaker great for putting in a dorm room or college apartment. It’s voice- enabled with Alexa, which means you can change the music, check the rainfall, set an alarm, or do any number of other effects without indeed having to get out of the bed.

  1. Movable Bowl

My movable cellphone bowl was a lifesaver during college. Occasionally I didn’t have time to charge my phone before I left for the day, so having one of these assured my phone battery would not fail while I was out and about. 

  1. Mini Photo Printer 

How cute is this gift idea?! The Polaroid Zip mini print printer allows you to publish prints directly from your smartphone or other Bluetooth- enabled device. This is sure to be a hit with college girls! 

  1. Fitbit 

Fitbits are fitness trackers that allow you to track your way, heart rate, sleep schedule, and other healthy habits. This makes a great Christmas gift idea! 

  1. Party Game 

Funny party games like What Do You Meme are the perfect grazing hog that’s guaranteed to be enjoyed by any college student and her musketeers. Another popular option is Cards Against Humanity

  1. Pajamas 

How cozy and warm does this pajama set look? This is the perfect Christmas gifts for college girls that they can wear to sleep throughout the downtime. 


Eventually, Norway underrated the power of gift cards as Christmas gifts for college girls! Every student will be so appreciative of a gift card they can use for food, ménage goods, or fun. Some good ideas for gift cards include Amazon, Target, Starbucks, or their favorite fast food place. 

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas gifts for college girls ! These gifts are guaranteed to be appreciated by the college student in your life.

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