Do and Do not in an Interview for College Students

Most of university course does not require candidates to attend an interview. If your university has any course that requires you to attend an interview, you could be troubled about a lot of things but you should not. You can learn what should be done and what should not be done in an interview for the preparation of your interview. If you are still not confident then you can seek counseling by visiting this link 

You Should Not

When you are in an interview your every behaviour is affecting the interview score. So, if you want to pass the interview with a good score, you should avoid doing these at all costs.

Be Late for The Interview

The first impression is the best impression so you have only one opportunity to make your first impression. If you arrive late for the interview, tired and sweaty of rushing, it will not help you to make a great impression. Being arrive early at the place also helps you to give a quick look at your notes for preparation.

Underdress Or Overdress for The Interview

This is a difficult one to avoid, The dress code for the interview may not be defined. But you should contact the responsible to inquire about it.

Talk Too Little to The Interviewer

Do not give short responses when answering any questions of the interviewer. It is obvious that you will be somewhat nervous. Because of that, your interviewer is expected to ask you simple questions to help you into a conversation. Nevertheless, if the interviewer asks you any question about what you like in any category then do not reply to the answer with one or two words. You should describe why you find that so interesting. You should also tell them how you would like to expand your knowledge at this university.

Be Rude to The Interviewer

You should not use indecent language in any phase of your life it is not proper. But when you are in an interview and the interviewer is speaking to you, you should be extra careful that you do not use any indecent words or gaze out of the window. You should shake hands with the interviewer at the start and end of the interview and also thank them for their time.

Lie to The Interviewer

Lying is not acceptable anywhere in the world. You should not even bend the truth. For example, if the interviewer asks you that, did you have been a captain of the football team before? Even if you were a vice-captain before you can not say that you were a captain. If you were caught in lying in the interview it could affect your whole education life.

You Should

Surely what you should do is the opposite of what you should not do, but there are a few specific things that you should be conscious of.

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