Top 5 Tips on How to Improve Your College Admission Essay

If you want to take admission to your dream college, then a well organized and well-written college essay is must needed. Writing multiple college essays not only tests your writing ability but also tests your intelligence, creativity, and stamina. If you apply for multiple prestigious college programs, you will require a well-organized plan for how to tackle multiple college essays. A college essay helps you to show the college admission boards that how well you are in writing and who you are actually. Most college admission boards give more prefer to test scores and grades. However, if your test scores or grades were not the best in your class, a strong college essay can be in your favor. Following the top five tips on how to improve your college admission essay to help you write the best college essay easily for yourself.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate

If you do not give yourself the proper time to writing a college essay then you won’t produce your best work. Most college admissions counseling is looking for those students who have proper knowledge of writing. If you want to improve your chance of acceptance then you have to allow yourself the proper time to craft a truly powerful college essay.

  1. Brainstorm

Brainstorming will help you to avoid clichéd writing in your college essay. Not knowing the writing process properly, many students make the common mistake is that they start to write their college essays. Another mistake is, after getting the question or topic they simply start their writing by once read the question. To write the best college essay, you should take some time or even days to understand the main theme of the topic or question. Once you understand the theme of the topic, you can find different ways to write the selected college essay. However, your first attempt will not be best but if you continue this circle then you will get a great idea about writing a college essay. 

  1. Write Passionately

By showing your passion for writing college essays, you will get an opportunity to show the admission boards to who you are and how well you write. You should always keep in mind that passion does not always mean intensity. So you should first be yourself and be more interested in your answers in writing college essays. Also, you can show your passion for admission boards by quoting statistics and citing resources. It will help to know the admission boards that you have researched your topic very well and know how to speak on a subject with fluently.

  1. Don’t Use Cliches

Every year most college admission counselors read thousands of essays that are totally different from each other. When you are writing your college essays you should try to avoid using cliches which makes your writing trite, informal, and boring. A well informed and well-organized college essay inspires, informs, and make differentiates you from another applicant. So try to avoid cliche answers to common essay topics and also try to be as original as possible. You will be able to help your college essay stand out from the rest of others if you are original in your responses and style.

  1. Write, Rewrite and Edit

First of all, you have to confirm that you can understand your topic appropriately. If you do not understand your topic well, you will get in trouble. If you understand your topic well, you can write it freely with your knowledge of power. After doing this, it will help you solidify your thoughts and ideas. Before submitting your college essay to admission counselors, you can check double or triple for grammatical and typos errors. You will be benefited the most if anyone else who has sufficient experience with these sectors is watching your college essay.

  1. Get Help From Your Teachers

You can let a teacher read your college essay whom you admire. You can take his or her valuable comments before submitting it to your college. Their input can help you push your final draft nearer to perfection. However, they have years in education and have deep insights into the college admissions process. If you give your teachers enough time to view your essays then they will help you by solving stylistic and grammatical errors.

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