What every pedestrian should know ?

Have you read the statistics? In the United States, pedestrian accidents are more frequent than many people think. There is more than one casualty every couple of hours, and people get injured as pedestrians almost every 10 minutes. Though there are many reasons for these accidents, many of them are the driver’s fault. Collisions occur when a driver is neglecting to yield to people who are just crossing the street. Sometimes it is worse: The driver is too distracted to notice that a pedestrian is getting close to their supposed field of vision.

Most of the time, pedestrian accidents get confusing. People and their loved ones have been injured, and sometimes even worse, they have died during or due to complications of the accident. Victims tend to be distraught by the trauma, and the last thing they think is to confront and sue the ones responsible.

Pedestrian accident lawyers are well-accustomed to these situations. After all, it is their job, and they have treated with similar cases for an extended period of time. They can be a crucial human resource to help their clients get their rights heard and get Maximum Compensation for the accident they endured and all the damage this brought.

Drivers must know how to behave and share the roads. Street vehicles that are frequent in the United States include cars, trucks, bicycles, motorbikes, and others. Pedestrians have to use the same roads, and such as such, it makes everyone responsible for abiding by the law and keeping themselves and everyone else safe. 

In the following paragraph, we have a list of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents. This list will include only those that were not caused by the pedestrian’s lack of judgment or risky behavior. A high percentage of people do not pay enough attention to the road when they drive. By the way, it is appalling how many drivers out there are not used to taking all the security measures that the law demands, especially on very long trips.

Drunken driving. This kind of cause is unacceptable and is highly punishable by the law. People who drive while drunk does not only put others in danger, they also raise the risk of them dying on the road.

Missing red lights. Missing red lights is serious because the traffic lights are one of the few ways a person in a moving vehicle can communicate in some way with pedestrians and know if it’s possible that they attempt to cross the road.

Turning without proper visual recognition of the road. This one is very common and can cause fatal injuries. When a vehicle turns quickly, there can be many blind spots inside the vehicle that may lead the drivers to miss some element on the road, try to avoid it, and hit a pedestrian as a consequence. These kinds of quick reactions should be avoided as long as possible because they can be unsuccessful and cause mortal accidents. 

Distraction while driving. Not paying enough attention can cause many accidents on the road. Sometimes, this is caused by having printed media on the vehicle or by using cell phones while driving. The driver should watch the road and not their social media feeds.

Sometimes, accidents can happen because of obstacles left on the road due to the negligence of others. These people can be liable for accidents if it is proved that said obstacle was crucial to the accident.

Pedestrians, unfortunately, may have to suffer many serious injuries as a consequence of being in accidents caused by the negligence or distraction of vehicle users. Most of these injuries affect only the pedestrian and can be fatal. They include.


-Instant or medical amputations

-Severe brain damage

-Damage to the spine

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