Why do you need a dog bite lawyer?

Dogs are very popular pets, not only in the United States but worldwide. Owners walk them all the time in public places and have them around in private events.  They are often deemed as the best friend humans can have. The thing is that dogs are not always all fun and games to have around. Dogs can become no fun when they harm people. 

Dogs are known to bite people, even if the person who was bitten is very familiar with that particular dog. Dogs can bite, it is in their nature.

Dogs can be even more dangerous than they normally are due to a faulty or irresponsible owner. These are the kind of owners that can negatively influence a dog’s likeness to become a danger to others. After all, dogs are just animals and have no self-control if not trained properly. Owners, on the other hand, have certain duties respecting their pets. When their pets belong to a breed known to be aggressive, owners should be even more careful. In any case, they can be held responsible for any incident during which the pet hurts other fellow citizens.

If a dog has attacked a relative, an acquaintance or you and you want to press charges, and there are plenty of things you will have to understand first. And in doing so, you will understand how this regrettable scenario can happen to anyone and what are your options to get compensation out of such a difficult incident in your life. Before getting into detail and seeking a Dog Bite Lawyer, first, learn some basic information on dog bite or aggression.

The following are 5 facts linked to dog aggression

  1. There are officially 5 breeds of dog regarded as most dangerous in the USA

As a matter of fact, a dog bite doesn’t only depend on the circumstances or the background history of the animal in question. Breeds are said to be a defining factor. The scientist is not sure why, but combined studies of Statistics with The Canine Behavioral Assessment and  Research Questionnaire have found that some breeds are more prone to bite than others.

Don’t be surprised about this, and genes are said to be important in the conduct of animals. 

The five more aggressive breeds of dogs are:

Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff, Akita, and Chow Chow

Owners of said breeds of dogs should be extra careful when dealing with one of the breeds in public, private or any place where there are other people around their pet.

  1. There are States in the USA with special laws for dog owners in public places

Some States hold special rules to avoid raising the numbers of dog bites or dog-related incidents. There are laws nicknamed leash laws which prohibit owners of dogs breeds to be walking in public without an appropriate leash on their necks or even a muzzle.

There are also the laws deemed “one bite laws” which maintain that even if the dog has no record of injuring another person before, the owner can be held responsible for the incident nevertheless. One bite is all it counts for the owners to have to pay compensation.

  1. Owners and keepers are punished for failing to prevent incidents

If a person was bitten by a dog and proves that it was due to a keeper’s incompetence to prevent it, said keeper could be held responsible for that one incident. This often happens when a keeper knows a particular dog’s demeanors and fails to prevent an incident accordingly.

  1. In some jurisdictions, dangerous dogs are sacrificed 

If a dog is deemed as a public safety hazard (in some places there’s no need for a second incident), it can be sacrificed by the local authorities in a non-cruel fashion. This is the last resort method to ensure the safety of the community.

  1. All breeds of dog can bite

Although there are breeds that are statistically more prone to bite, all dogs are potential biters.

As unpredictable as dog behavior may seem, there are still strict regulations regarding owner liability during an attack or bite. Be sure to ask your Dog Bite Attorney before pressing charges.

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